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Insert query -- insert into users_by_id_name (id,created On,name,age) values (1,100,'darthvedar',28); to update the user, insert the row again with same user id and updated name and created On value.insert into users_by_id_name (id,created On,name,age) values (1,200,'obi-wan-kenobi',28); while selecting the user use below query -- select by user id - select * from users_by_id_name where id=1 limit 1; Select user by name - select * from users_by_id_name where name='obi-wan-kenobi' ALLOW FILTERING; Other way is to use secondary index on user name.Think, user name is not going to change too frequently, so secondary index is also one good option.Edit after comments - If you have very frequent updates on user name, it would be better to use two different tables.

There are some generic pre-defined widgets available: module is deprecated.Two different application can send and read data using named pipes.A named pipe operates much like the normal (unnamed) pipe you use in the shell.I recently noticed that xmobar has a plugin to read data from Unix named pipes.

Named pipes can be used for inter-process communication (IPC).

But I read that this would create tombstones and affect the performance.

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