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The former Celebrity Big Brother star, 27, hopes the operation will make him look the 'best he can' as he propels himself back into the spotlight in upcoming projects.In the gruesome pictures, the Irish model looked like he was in pain as he showcased the blood-stained irritation across his tender face.Another shocking snap revealed the television hunk layered up in bandages as he begins his recovery from the transplants.Perfecting his new image, the tattooed star - who shares son Caben-Albi with former flame Stephanie Davis - also had his teeth done at dentistry clinic Sevil Smile Studio.Eisen also promotes articles from a prominent White Supremacist website on his blog.One of these, posted in March, refers to Jews as 'rats' and talks of the 'battle we wage' against 'international Jewry'.Shocking pictures emerged of the star's blood-stained face after having his hair and beard transplant while holidaying with pals.Famed for his dashing model looks and dark glossy curls, Jeremy looked worlds away from his usual self following the surgery at the Hair of Istanbul clinic.

The Mirror then reports that in footage shot the next morning, the former Beauty School Cop Outs star laughs at an impression of his dead mother.Paul Eisen, left, is a self-professed Holocaust denier who frequently shares anti-Semitic and far-Right content on his blog.Jeremy Corbyn, right, who according to Eisen has attended 'every single' one of his organisation's annual events, appears to sit attentively during one such meeting in St John's Wood Church in 2013The group that Eisen mentions, Deir Yassin Remembered (DYR), focuses on controversial allegations that Jewish soldiers killed about 100 Arab villagers in the run-up to the war of 1948, and seeks to promote its remembrance at annual events.A source told The Sun: 'Jeremy has a lot of exciting projects on the cards in 2018 and he wants to look the best he can.'As well as recently having his teeth done, he's now had a full hair and beard transplant.' In recent weeks, Jeremy, who is a recovering addict, claimed to have kept cocaine in his luxury villa.

In a clip, the Dubliner can be seen in a rust-coloured T-shirt, showcasing his intricate tattoos as he addressed his prohibited stash.

The Islington MP has previously referred to Hamas and Hezbollah as his 'friends', and has invited convicted IRA members to Parliament.