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Spears is just the latest celebrity client to join the patient list of Kanodia.The pricey 90210 surgeon boasts an impressive list of Hollywood clientèle that includes Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Aniston, Cindy Crawford and Ashlee Simpson.If Britney was really who we believed her to be — a puppet, a grinning blonde without a cool thought in her head, a teasing coquette clueless to her own sexual power — none of this would have happened. But she is intelligent enough to understand what the world wanted of her: that she was created as a virgin to be deflowered before us, for our amusement and titillation.She is not ashamed of her new persona — she wants us to know what we did to her.

pop star at the mall is an eternal cause for happiness, especially on a Sunday afternoon in the Valley.

"Fuck these bitches," screams Britney, each word ringing out between sobs. "The 25 Boldest Career Moves in Rock History Ghalib dashes over to console her, but she's already spitting, growling, throwing a big bottle of soda on the floor so that it begins to spill underneath the curtain, and then she's got a box of tissues and is throwing them on top of the wet floor along with piles of discarded merchandise.

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