Updating java in linux

It provides a mechanism for updating your version of the Java platform so that you always have the latest Java Runtime Environment (JRE). There are four choices: Check this to use the browser default proxy settings. You have two choices here: Note: This panel is only available on Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X and only for users with Administrative privileges.And it allows you to set options for debugging, applet handling, etc. On Microsoft Windows, if both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Java are installed, this panel is not available.Monthly updates check weekly and notify you within 30 days that an update is available, however, if an update is considered critical you are notified within a week of its release.You can do manual updates at any time by pressing the Update Now button.Should a user for some reason not want the scheduler to run, it can be killed via End Process button of the Processes tab. button to access the Java Runtime Environment Settings dialog.These settings will be used when a Java application is launched.The Java Runtime Environment Settings dialog looks like the following on Microsoft Windows: Each row in the Java Runtime Versions panel represents a Java Runtime Environment that is installed in your computer.You may modify the value in each cell by double-clicking it: Click the Find button to launch the JRE Finder.

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As of the JDK 7u10 release, this panel also informs you whether Java is enabled in the browser. Manual update is performed by pressing the Update Now button.This allows you to do immediate, unscheduled updates. is launched when the user reboots the computer after installing the SDK/JRE.On Microsoft Windows platforms, the Java Update Scheduler ( runs as a background process that launches the Update Manager at predefined intervals set by the user through the Advanced... It is normally transparent to the user but can be viewed in the Processes tab of the Windows Task Manager.It enables you to view an active deployment rule set, and to manage the exception site list.

It allows you to set runtime parameters for applets that run with Java Plug-in and applications that run with Java Web Start.

If you select automatic update, you can then set the notification via the Notify Me: drop-down menu, and you can set the update schedule via the Advanced... With notification, you can chose to be notified before an update is downloaded and before it is installed; or you can chose to be notified only before an update is installed (i.e., the download is automatic). allows you to select the desired frequency for updates: daily, weekly, or monthly (default).