Updating data in datagrid

The Items Source can be specified inline in XAML such as: However, it is more commonly set in code behind, which is what we will do in this example.Step 2 A: Name the Data Grid and build Before we go to the code behind you will want to be sure to give the Data Grid a name such as "dg".The one difference here is that you cannot place arbitrary content in it and have it create a collection for you.

Read more about the features that the Silverlight 2 Data Grid has to offer... NET and two for Windows Forms, but until now Silverlight and WPF were left out of the party.This is not the forum anyway you need to create a templated columns. When you enter text in it, I notice that the dataprovider doesn't update until after you've clicked out of the row twice.Start a new Silverlight Application as outlined in my previous post.

When given the option, choose the default "Add a new ASP. If everything went smoothly in the previous step, your project should be loaded and opened to

It's causing wacky errors with a duplicate removal function I follow it up with.