Updating a company charter

Although satisficing may sound like settling for mediocrity, satisfice strategies have produced some of the most successful designs of the past century.The Douglas DC-3 was not the best competitor in any single performance class: all its competitors could best it in some category of speed, engine power, range, and carrying capacity. ” All projects are in some measure satisfices, because there’s no practical way to know if there is a single best solution to every problem for every user.

Early in the planning process this statement will have to be general and should concentrate on the core “must-have” features, content, and purposes of the site.The project charter is the planning team’s concise statement of core goals, values, and intent in order to provide the ultimate policy direction for everything that comes next.Designing a substantial web site is costly and time-consuming.For in-house projects the project sponsor usually supplies this statement of overall intent for the site.

For projects offered to outside design firms the statement of work forms the core of the s offered to potential contract bidders. It should be a short description of the sales, marketing, communications, or other business goals that will be accomplished by creating the new web site, along with a rationale and general metrics for determining the success and return on investment () for the proposed web site.

Although a page count is hardly infallible as a guide (after all, web pages can be arbitrarily long), it serves as a constant reminder to everyone involved of the project’s intended scope.