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So one day, I decided to hit up ebay for some deals. Because no one in their right mind that knows me could ever see me spending $2000 on a FUCKING WATCH.) Anywho…I saw the opening bid at $50, the only word going through my mind was “Jackpot.” However…the auction ended in 6 days. I went an entire 5 days winning this auction, figuring that I would get my prized watch at a discount price, no matter what. Bachelor #3 (sweaty guy with water) seemed so nervous when he sat down, it made me a little sad. I don’t really go out that often…I mean sometimes I do. As expected, Emily excelled at Pei’s questionnaire, and may have even scheduled plans with him for the following New Years Eve (which, unfortunately, never materialized).This was the watch I managed to find from a seller called chronowatches… I was curious as to why he wasn’t drinking (and to be honest, a little suspicious), so I asked “Do you not drink usually? At the end of this experience, when we were filling out our “yes” and “no” cards, Emily mentioned that she was going to say yes to Pei because she didn’t feel right “knowing he will never be in my life again.” To absolutely no one’s surprise, neither of us made any matches that night.It’s probably not safe out there-what if I get heat stroke? I instantly thought of the 15 outfits I could wear this with. I mean people really…it is a cream, silk, sheer sleeves, blouse! Hell.) Also pictured—NYC China Town’s rose gold version. In January 2011, Emily and I decided to go speed dating through a website called

I practically run over the only other shopper in the this entire section to go purchase my blousey blouse. I was looking for a bell to ring to signal that I did infact just find a steal of a deal. ” I do remember walking home in the 100 heat…athough the whole time I was thankful. I learned that If at first you don’t succeed, shop for 4 more hours in random departments. Bachelor #5: Clearly not a member of the 25-34 age group that was specified, he was more likely in his mid-50′s, surveying all the women over the top of his glasses with a creepy grin on his face.Price: $35.00 Phone: (800) 957-DASH Age Suitability: 23 and up Speed-Dating: allows you to skip the excruciating hit-or-miss first date experience. Instead, with Dateand Dash you can chat with a large pool of people, choose your favorites, and see if they choose you! The sweet lady behind the register is staring at me…probably because I have a smile as big as Julia Roberts right now. Thankful that it was so hot that Macy’s cranked their air on so much that the air conditioning blew the tags on the clothes…revealing my gem! Oh and go see my friend at Macy’s she loves herself a good deal too. I’m Emily, a middle child of 5, has hair color ADD, watches every reality tv show imaginable, is petrified of spiders, heights, nicholas cage, and coffee grounds, loves to get the best parking spots, terrible speller, and can sing any song on the radio. I will be posting some of my latest steals of deals as well as update you on the funny things that surround me. Cheap= shopping in Nashville at Opry Mills when I scored the best comfy navy shorts your heart could desire! Bachelor #6: Extremely overweight man sweating through his bright orange shirt with his hands tucked forcefully up into his armpits.