Perfect world not updating

Word Perfect 1.0 represented a significant departure from the previous Wang standard for word processing.The first version of Word Perfect for the IBM PC was released the day after Thanksgiving, 1982.Its dominant position ended after a flubbed release for Microsoft Windows, followed by a long delay before introducing an improved version.

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It also provided a solution to the problem of printer support - Word Perfect 2.x only supported Epson and Diablo printers, which was also hard-coded into the main program executable.The application's feature list was considerably more advanced than its main competition, Word Star, an established program that originated on CP/M.Despite its comprehensive abilities, it still gained praise for its minimalistic "look of spareness" and clean display.The two founded Satellite Software International, Inc.

of Orem, Utah, to market the program to other Data General users.

Alan Ashton designed a word processing system for the city of Orem's Data General minicomputer system in 1979.