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It was a quick, hackish version, but it was enough to make it work — well, work for us. You still have to make, bring, or adopt your own bot. There are two types of chatbots in Basecamp 3: These are bots that people can talk to and get a response from.Finally it’s time to atone and bring chatbots to everyone! If you register a chatbot with the name of Tally, you can do containing “image donkey”.URI: Parameters: application, instance, user, password, token, conversation, message, emote, correction, offensive, disconnect, include Question OPTIONAL: The ID of the user who is sending the message. This must not be passed on the first message, but will be returned by the response, and should be used for all subsequent messages in the conversation. This is one of LOVE, LIKE, DISLIKE, HATE, RAGE, ANGER, CALM, SERENE, ECSTATIC, HAPPY, SAD, CRYING, PANIC, AFRAID, CONFIDENT, COURAGEOUS, SURPRISE, BORED, LAUGHTER, SERIOUS.A chatter robot, chatterbot, chatbot, or chat bot is a computer program designed to simulate an intelligent conversation with one or more human users via auditory or textual methods, primarily for engaging in small talk.They’re a great fit for things like continuous integration, statistical information, nagios alerts, and so on. When you add a reporting bot, you’ll be able to see a special tokenized URL that you can use to post to the Campfire as that bot. Here’s Nagios reporting some hoopla and giving options to resolve: Of course, an interactive chatbot can also act as a reporting chatbot and send information unprovoked.You can read about the payload format and how to add chatbots programmatically in our chatbots API documentation. Since before the launch of version 3, almost a year ago, we’ve had an internal API for chatbots.This allowed us to pipe in Git Hub commits and control our operations infrastructure from Campfire.

And as we trundle along this path towards nirvana where everything and everyone is connected, all the time, we’ll grow more and more comfortable with interacting with these machines online.Find out if you are on Santa's naughty or nice list.Or if you know of someone who has been naughty or nice, report them to Santa. Santa Bot is now on Twitter, tweet to him here, The Santa Bot.Don’t pipe a million reporting bots into a room that everyone is expected to pay attention to all the time. At Basecamp, we’ve actually set up entirely separate Basecamps for the robots most of the time.

It’s very easy for chatbots to otherwise completely drown out humans in a busy room.

The BOT libre web API provides two REST APIs in one.