Linksys firmware updating

In the example, the was extracted on the Windows desktop. ] To reload the firmware when an upload fails or when the red error light is blinking, do the following: 1) Set a static IP Address on the Windows PC as following: IP Address: Mask: Gateway: 2) Make sure that you can execute the DOS command: "PING". 4) Try passwords in this order: First: Try a blank password, Second: Try "admin" (don't enter the quotes) Third: The password you assigned previously 5) After successfully uploading the firmware, press the Reset button to clear memory and select default settings.If you follow this procedure, you should be able to successfully load firmware into your router, even if you think you've tried everything. 3) Make sure that the file name of the firmware code, given to TFTP. 6) Reconfigure the Link Sys as required to support your Broadband environment. Linky should now be restored to factory default settings and you should be able to load firmware using the default password admin.BIN file that contains the firmware, the Windows-based TFTP client that's included with the update won't be of much use on your Mac.

One partition has the Linksys firmware, the other has DD-WRT. Even though I don't actually use the Linksys firmware, if I were to want to update to the latest Linksys firmware, how do I do that without overwriting the DD-WRT partition?Granted this is not a high priority question since I don't actually use the Linksys firmware, however I would like to know how I'd go about it. Keep in mind that every firmware update goes into the partition not being used (inactive).With that said, if you update from the Linksys partition you will overlay the DD-WRT partition.Reader John Strung reports that you can get around this problem by using Apple's Applet Runner to execute the Java applet instead of the IE5.0 Java engine.