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I like my woman to be feminine Love to spoilt the women I'm with , enjoy dinners out with a Known endearingly by friends as Bex, I tend to be shy and anxious until I get a fire in my belly about a social justice issue that at times can teeter into a depressive winge. It is kind of like going to buy a car, getting a job etc.There are deal MAKERS, SHAKERS and BREAKERS for any relationship. Kindness takes a lot less effort than anger or disrespect. I believe adults have the capacity I like spending time with my family and friends. Successful self made entrepreneur...i have many colours to my rainbow...I am in one relationship that is stable and we see Professional, (retired about 7 years ago) Likes good companion, well travelled,loyal, current affairs, good wine, to share things in life (daily things, or important moments),markets .. being there Hi, thanks for taking the time to read my profile! Enjoy my life although I would love a reason not to work so much :) Passionate about people and my business. I am looking to make a connection with someone who is open minded and down to earth.Integrity, honesty and respect Hello there lovely members! Please feel free to send us a message if you have any questions or feedback. I am feminine but have a tomboy nature deep down inside. FTM I have recently started to transition from F t M I go by the pronouns he/him/his. If you are curious about it don't be afraid to msg me with questions, all I I have recently moved back to the Gosford area and am looking to meet like minded,easy going people to hang out and socialise every now and again when I can get some time out from my busy life and commitments Hi there, Thanks for visiting my profile!(Old friends - I’m sure you’ve missed me and relieved you’ve found me again, you’re welcome).As much as I enjoy sitting on I like eating out, movies, gardening, reading, intellectual conversation particularly around social justice issues.I like to go bushwalking, riding my bike and swimming. Think I might stick to surf casting for a while Part time student, part time teachers aid / youth worker, I love my dog, travelling, coffee, football and a good movie (just to name a few), I´m hopeless with describing myself, but I´m giving it my best. At nearly 50 yrs old about time to find inner happiness. I Intelligent, attractive, independent, fun, affectionate, health conscious...these things appeal and I can reciprocate.

I've got a long list of ex lovers (not really), they'll tell you im insane. I'm loyal but no ones door mat It's great to be back in Oz.missed home soooo much.I try to be 'down to earth,' but optimism keeps my head in the clouds.I like Love- a sense of humour; human connection, my greyhound; running, study, the concept of compersion Likes– a personal challenge – exploring polyamorous relationships, not necessarily one-off encounters but I would consider that too.I've got a blank I'd initially love to hear from anyone, anywhere to have a chat and if it feels right for both then maybe a catch up in person. I'm really looking forward to catching up with old friends and making new ones.

I'd also prefer to hear from others that are premium members so that we can communicate easily over PS and also as Hi, I am a friendly and easy going person who loves the outdoors. Hitting the golf course and walks along the beach are a must. Have bever been in a same sex relationship but have always had that attraction.

I prefer real over fake, pub over club, deep conversation over small talk, and my Parmi with crispy chips to the side... A bit about me : I work in the animal industry and am extremely passionate about what I do.

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