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A creek named Grouse runs through the western edge of this land. The Flint Hills area is famous for its rich bluestem pasture lands.We zero in on this area because this is where our history is located..a town called Cambridge, in a Township named Windsor, in a County named Cowley, in the state of Kansas, U. The transitional prairies and the upper high plains which lead into the mountains was home to the buffalo, antelope, deer and the men with the red skin. The Indians moved through this land as easily as the warm, summer breezes, leaving the land as it was, when they were gone.Work began on Monday morning, January 13, 1936 at the school location and at the rock quarry on the G. The work day consisted of two shifts: shift one began at a.m. The "I" beams for the building were lifted into position by means of a gin pole. In 1954, Box school house was purchased by the administration of the Cambridge schools and moved north of the high school building. One of the attractions around Cambridge is the fine highways leading from it over to Burden on the west and to Grand Summit on the east, and the scenery along the routes is truly rural. When he retired at the age of seventy eight, he had spent fifty three years in the teaching profession. One of his pieces, a buffet, is on display in the home of his son, Lloyd Mordy, in Independence, Kansas. His mother, Mabel Chloe Adams was born 02 October 1889 at Morgantown, Indiana.The graduating class of 1936 was the first class to use the gymnasium for graduating exercises, even though the building had not been completed. It was remodeled and made into a modern school lunch room. Mabel Ensley became cook in 1955 and remained until the school was consolidated in 1963. Fromm and others make up the business ensemble of this growing town. The farms spread before you like a map and, the great free open spaces give you a taste of what the old time Kansas ranches must have been in the days of their prime. Other schools he taught are: Carbondale, Rexford, Segwick, Wakefield, Madison, Derby, Delia, Moline, Valley Falls, Protection, and Elwood. Mordy taught Latin, Biology, Botany, Physiology, Algebra II, Science, Physics, and Manual Training. Mordy was an active speaker at Commencement exercises throughout his career. They were married on 22 December 1907 at Moundridge, Kansas.

About one month before graduation Thelma Howard died as a result of a mastoid operation. In April 1933, the grade school enrollment was fifty six pupils.He filed a claim on land two miles north of where Cambridge is now located.Lazette, Kansas, was built on land joining his property to the east. Tull was born on July 9, 1871, and Bruce Tull was born on March 23, 1879. Tull possessed a receipt in the amount of $5.00 which promised him one year's protection from Chetopah, Chief of the Osage Indians.In those days Cambridge had a West Main Street and an East Main Street...matter of fact, it still does! Craft operated a hotel and livery stable at this location for several years. Cambridge and the area flourished in these early days. Leone Adkins Gailey remembers that the Cambridge school gave a pantomime.

Most of the residents of Lazette relocated in Cambridge to be near the railroad. Settlers came, and business men, who provided the stores and services for the needs of the people. The flat roof of the furnace room was used as the stage for this dedication ceremony!

Chapman, Solomon Hisler, Gans, Stapleton, Sherman, Hicks, Sicks, Chapman..yes, even Smith and Jones are some of the early settlers on Grouse Creek.