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If they’re locals, the moms can get pretty involved — don’t be surprised if a parent walks out mid-doorstep scene. You meet families way sooner here, and it’s just part of the gig. No worries, the pond is huge out here, and there are plenty of other relationship-hungry women waiting for Mr. : While 8 months out of the year are absolutely perfect, 4 months are brutally hot.

But don’t judge them too harshly, it just isn’t what they are familiar with.“Az [Cohen] and I were arranged to meet by mutual friend Leelee Kimmel,” explains Valentina de Weghe, an associate director at Miller, a contemporary art gallery in New York City that focuses on showing influential but underappreciated female artists. Barth’s, and Leelee had been trying to set us up for a whole week.Twenty-four hours before I was supposed to leave, she invited Az, who works in A&R at 300 Entertainment, to a lunch that I was attending. The next day, I invited him over to my house for lunch, so that he could meet my family before I left to catch my flight.” The day went well, and Az decided to accompany Valentina to the airport.But in all seriousness — those looking for a taste of higher society can find it. Lots of chain establishments, not as many quirky, hole-in-the-wall places. So hopefully you’re into the whole desert/red-rock beauty kind of thing. Chandler and Gilbert are a tad removed from AZ nightlife. If they do leave, it’s usually just a short stint to BYU to find a spouse who’s also an East Mesa local so they can move back home and live happily ever after as Toros amongst the orange groves. There are two temples (soon to be three), the Mesa temple and the newly-dedicated Gilbert temple, within driving distance of anywhere in the valley.

Check out the Gammage Auditorium in Tempe (which hosts orchestras, comedy shows and touring Broadway companies), the Phoenix Art Museum, or the Arizona Science Center in downtown Phoenix. Lots of church events and conversations, lots of the same church events with the same conversations a thousand times over. —————————- CHURCH SCENE Ward Breakdown: Way too many to list. The Phoenix Temple is about to be dedicated coming up in November.

If you are looking to discuss the virtues of post-modern architecture or neo-classical painting, move to NYC, DC, or SF. 3) Chandler/Gilbert Wards: Ranges from a little more established and a little older, to fresh out of high school class of 2014. They all know each other and breed with each other.