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Shop Hamilton Ventura Watches Now Style and substance is a heady, but rare, combination.Hamilton however, manages to clinch both thanks to intricate, well-made insides that are reflected on the outside, too. Sure, it might not boast Swiss heritage like other elite brands, but it hails from the US with an aesthetic to match.This pocket watch, an 18-size simple ticker, debuted in 1893 to massive popularity during America’s railroad revolution.The number of locations worldwide in which Hamilton is sold, cementing the brand’s global presence.From its very first pocket watch - a 17-jewel beauty produced in 1893 - Hamilton branched out into several leading families including the Rectangular, the Oval, and the Coronado. Prior to the iconic release of Elvis Presley’s preferred watch, the Ventura, Hamilton was already under attack from a hostile takeover by Benrus - a Romanian-American watch company.Fast forward to the next decade, and the brand had acquiesced to the Buren Watch Company of Switzerland, before then switching to SSIH that later became known as Swatch Group.

By producing pieces that specifically catered to the railroad, the label found its niche, and was able to acquire the Illinois Watch Company for a figure totalling $5 million to build Hamilton further as a serious horological contender.Shop Hamilton Pan Europ Watches Now Never forget your roots: an adage Hamilton knows all too well.The Railroad collection, arguably the watch that shot the brand to fame in 1892, is just as exemplary in the 21st century.Crack the American Classic open, and it’s Swiss precision to the very last cog.

Shop Hamilton American Classic Watches Now Inspired by the Big Apple itself, Hamilton’s Broadway collection encapsulates everything good and great about the namesake neighbourhood: it’s robust, versatile and unashamedly American in design.

Though thanks to increased precision, improved craftsmanship and a design fit for the modern day, the Railroad is even better this time round.