Dating a sex addict

When the two women starred in a Broadway play — with Madeleine playing Jane’s mother — they were often seen holding hands backstage.Rumours about Jane’s sexuality surfaced again in 1970, during an anti-war road trip across the States with her French friend, Elisabeth Vailland.So Jane found herself not only playing an archetypal sex kitten, but also having to pay off his creditors — which took her five years — and his debts to the tax authorities, which took even longer.Back in France, where the couple had bought a farmhouse, she concentrated on lavish refurbishments and told no one that she was paying for everything.The answer was: la crème de la crème from the worlds of politics and the arts, and friends over from Hollywood were equally eager to participate.Although Jane never spoke to her stepdaughter about the incident, she was concerned enough to make plans to send her to a Swiss boarding school.She explained to one friend that she felt compelled to supply the women for her husband in order to have some sort of control.

When she returned, she confessed she’d gone there to be with an old lover in order to test if she really loved Vadim.Whether Jane had solo extra-marital affairs with women herself or not, she certainly had them with men.Afterwards, she’d describe them in detail to Vadim.But as the evening wore on, she felt the full force of his high-voltage charm.

Jane realised she was falling in love — and the thought terrified her.

If she objected, she feared she might lose him — and the thought of life without her gentle and charismatic lover filled her with terror.