Avg slow at updating

I see that there is a program update as well which I'm about to do. It has been failing for two days on 4 different PCs for me at totally different times of the day. I hope this is only a transitional outage with a root cause and not a designed slow-down to coax you to buy the full version. I have found with 8 there is no auto update like 7 you now have to go in each day and check for updates. line that routinely does better than 500 kbyte/sec down, 17.9 kbyte/sec is the best so far.But, I just heard from a customer that said that it succeeded this afternoon. That translates to approximately 55 minutes for the version 8 installable (5megbyte file). Also how do you do auto updates in 8 in 7 it worked.In the rare instance that my computer is turned off at the time I have the update scheduled for then I manually update AVG once my system has loaded.

The update will then happen at that time, or within 2 hours following that time, each day. And I'm thinking that possibly the newer version starts checking too soon - before the LAN driver(s) have been initialized, and internet connection is verified.I then sent a request to reset the password but have not received a message in my Inbox. Microsoft security essentials rarely automatically updates anymore and it says it's out of date.Just what it seems like may be the possibility to me.