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Over the years, Yvonne said, she wondered why she didn’t have any relatives on her mother’s side, but never had the courage to ask about the past.“You start thinking, and over the years you get older and say, ‘What is wrong with this picture? “But in those days parents did not talk about certain things.” In the late 1960s, the family toured Italy.The 2nd date was a hot tub setting that quickly got a little steamy; however this was again thwarted by Tully Jensen although not intentionally.Christi and Antonio were interrupted by a producer of the show stating that Tully was in the hospital and needed Antonio.“I wanted him to be anything but this—a dentist, a doctor, anything,” Yvonne said.But she relished talking about the show, which features Sabato’s ex-wife, model Tully Jensen (of both Vogue and Playboy fame), competing alongside a bevy of saccharine women for his heart.Christi was visibly upset and threw a wine glass breaking it with a few choice words "bleeped" out.

“You grow up with something for that many years—Christmas, trees—it’s hard to let it go when you don’t know anything about this other religion,” she said. Antonio, who occasionally has been photographed wearing a large cross around his neck, described his religious upbringing as “very liberal, Judaism, Catholicism.” (“I appreciate every type of religion,” he added.) “We were educated, we knew about the Holocaust—I remember seeing the ovens and the showers,” he said.Her heritage isn’t really a feature of “My Antonio,” which presents Yvonne instead as a stereotypical Italian mother—which, granted, is more or less the same thing as a stereotypical Jewish mother—but Sabato told Tablet that he hopes the show can turn his mother, a singer who gave up her career in Europe when her children were born, into a star.“My mother is an international woman,” said her 37-year-old son.Antonio hopes he and his mother can visit Israel together.

“People have to know that cultures—there have been many over the years that have been through a lot,” he said.

said after his primetime Republican National Convention speech on Monday that he is “absolutely” sure that President Obama is a Muslim.