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This holy phrase originates from Louis Brandeis in 1913 — and Maher is as fanatical about it as the most religious zealot yelling verses on a street corner.Bombthrower Milo Yiannopoulos belated backlash The right amount of sunlight can certainly be a disinfectant. Not being able to discern the difference between the two is called privilege — and Maher is steeped in it.Maher's Milo episode has inspired an HBO petition and a #Bigot Bill Maher hastag.It should also inspire a deeper look at an almost fanatical philosophy on privileged speech.The money's rolling in.” Barack Obama talks the election with Bill Maher Milo's appearance was not good for America, but it is damn sure good for Maher's ratings.?Maher compared Milo to Ann Coulter, another person Maher helped promote and legitimize from the left.Trump has called Coulter's latest book, ‘Adios, America!

(Note: Critics have also called Dawkins/Harris brand of "new atheism" Islamophobic or "Secular Fundamentalists" but that's another article).Dear Progressives, We don't have to settle for Bill Maher.We don't have to settle for the mainstreaming of white nationalism from the left. The Washington Post called it “a bromance,” the New York Times called it a “largely docile, chummy affair,” The Daily Beast a “lovefest,” and the Huffington Post a "mutual admiration society.” Jezebel was succinct: “Bill Maher is a Monster.” How generous was Maher?We don't have to accept the garbage Maher told us this week to justify that booking of Alt-Reich champion Milo Yiannopoulos. It is still unclear if Maher issued a donation to the The Yiannopoulos Privilege Grant — funding "exclusively available to white men who wish to pursue their post-secondary education on equal footing with their female, queer and ethnic minority classmates." Bill Maher defends booking Milo Yiannopoulos amid backlash No donation to aid white male oppression? Or any real questions about Milo's racism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia?

SEE IT: Bill Maher defended statutory rape in 1998 There is no law that requires a comedic meal to be served with two heaping sides of Islamophobia. Just how long can Maher's supporters keep watching? Let's take a look at Maher's five main flaws: Larry Wilmore tells Milo Yiannopoulos to ‘go f--k' himself Bill Maher's "shameful mainstreaming" of Milo was a two-step process: 1. If there was any doubt that Maher had mainstreamed Milo, that debate died the next morning as Milo was given an invite as a keynote speaker to this week's Conservative Political Action Conference — the country's largest and most influential national conservative conference.

This month, Maher asked Harris about his opinion of his Twitter spat he had with National Women's March co-chair Palestinian-American Linda Sarsour. How about inviting Sarsour on so she could speak for herself?

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    Apr 22, 2017. Bill Maher blasted the University of California at Berkeley on Friday as "the cradle for expletive babies" after the school rescinded an invitation this week to. has been rescheduled for an afternoon slot on May 2, though Ms. Coulter has indicated she intends to speak on the original date as initially planned.…
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    Apr 22, 2017. HBO “Real Time” host Bill Maher declared that the University of California at Berkeley is “the cradle for f—king babies” on his show Friday night. Maher made the remark after university officials rescinded an invitation for conservative author and commentator Ann Coulter to speak on campus, only to restore.…
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    Apr 22, 2017. Maher compared the cancellation of Coulter's speech to “the liberals' version of book-burning."…