However, on top of just self-promoting myself they have also provided all of you with a COUPON CODE for 15% off all apparel (and there you have it an original “Noah”). However, on top of just self-promoting myself they have also provided all of you with a COUPON CODE for 15% off all apparel (and there you have it an original “Noah”). If your relatively new to Crossfit this might be hard to relate to, but if you’ve been doing it for 3 years or more, then I think you might be able to relate.At this point you have to compose yourself and move on, accept the things you can no longer control and prepare to crush the next WOD. About three years ago I had a discussion with my roommate about the possible use of steroids in Crossfit, I dismissed his statement and told him it was unlikely.Use that anger and disappointment that you felt after knowing you didn’t do as well as you wanted to, to fuel you through the next WOD. I went on to tell him that the sport of Crossfit is such that integrity, values, honesty, and ethics is what makes the sport what it is.Should you follow any of these recommendations I shall not be liable despite my expertise in the subject matter.So recently Pam, my teammate, got sick and she was told to take a Z-Pack. She was going to start it on a Tuesday and thus, in theory, she should be better by Sunday.This is entitled Acceptance, because it about accepting how the sport has grown thereby closing a gap between the athletes, and thus learning to cope with this dictum (that right DICTUM, because I’m an authoritative figure). This post is purely based off my own personal experience with Crossfit, particularly competing at a local level.A little background information, Rich Froning as competed in the Games for 3 years and essentially won overall Fittest Male all 3 years.

But when it comes to competing acceptance is difficult. Smucker’s – Goober Peanut Butter and Jelly Lastly, it would be unfair to this post if I didn’t mention that Artisana – Cacao Bliss Coconut Butter is delicious, worthy of rubbing all over someone and licking it up.I believe this is very difficult to accept but imperative if you want to succeed.I’ll segway into my own experiences now, experiences that most of ya’ll will be akin too.Never overlook anyone you compete against – remember there’s always someone out there that just wants to say I beat you and thats their goa. I love it soo much that on my bedside table I always have at least 2-3 different jars of Nut Butters. The first is just Plain Ole Nut Butters, and the second is Favored Nut Butters. Mara Natha – Dark Chocolate Almond Spread (Very Expensive) 2. The only repercussions to using PEDs (besides the unknown side effect later in life) is getting caught and thus losing that integrity that Crossfitters held onto since its infancy. With the possibility of winning 10K in a local contest, the popularity associated with being a GAMES Athlete, and the opportunity of sponsorship whats stopping anyone from NOT USING PEDs.

Accept (well kindof accept) that sometimes you just ain’t that good in one particular WOD but there’s at least 3-4 more WODs to prove otherwise. I don’t care about the sugar content or that Peanut Butter is not Paleo. Obviously, this is MY Ranking and we will all differ, but if you havent tried any of these on the list then you best get to your nearest market and get you some!! Let me start this post with a General Warning: I am a Doctor, but not a Medical Doctor, just a Jurist Doctor who pretends to know all there is about anything.

The good thing about this “Noah-ing” is that there is still quite a bit of self-promotion involved. I’ve been apart of 321 Apparel for a while now, basically riding the coat-tails of Chase Daniels all the way (I say that jokingly, but its soo very true). Their shorts are comfortable and I’ve heard their shirts are as well, I’ve just never worn a shirt, lol.

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